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Brookwood Station

Brookwood Station comprises 1125 Hectares of flat to steep hill country starting at the southern end of Takapau township, and heads south towards Ormondville.  It is split by Paulsen Road with the western side of the road being used for dairy heifer grazing.

The balance of the property  runs 2500 Romney Ewes, fattens trade lambs, steers & bulls as well as running the Angus Stud.

Fodder cropping is undertaken to assist in feeding stock through the winter and for finishing lambs in Summer and Autumn.  Some cash cropping is undertaken and crops grown in the past include maize, peas & barley.  We have 18 Ha of lucerne and 45Ha plantain that assist us in finishing stock in the summer dry conditions we so often face.

Visitors are always welcome and we look forward to seeing you.

Regards: Justin, Meg, Theo and Molly

Brookwood Angus

Brookwood Angus was established in winter 2012 with the complete purchase of Lynmar Angus Stud females owned by Kerry Nankervis from Hawkes Bay.  Kerry only sought the very best genetics he could find and this was a great start for us with a number of very high quality females in his herd.

We have since purchased Mixed Aged females from the dispersal of Goldwyn Angus owned by Bruce Alexander from Timaru.  These proven cows have great longievity with ages out to 13 years and all animals having never missed a calving.  They are medium framed, very correct and have great temperament.

Another great opportunity arose when we were able  to purchase a number of females from Peter Matthews' Otoka heifer dispersal, here in Central Hawkes Bay.  Peters' extensive history of breeding has resulted in these females being very suitable for todays requirements.  They are very correct, well boned and above average framed.  They have real presence and are very easy doing.

We are very excited at how similar the cows are from the 3 studs and feel they are typical of the type of animal we would have liked to be breeding had we bred them ourselves.

Since we purchased Brookwood in 2005 substantial development has been undertaken including:

  • 100km of new fencing to increase paddock numbers from 66 to 190
  • 80km of water pipe laid and 170 troughs
  • 800Ha regrassing
  • 2 new sets of sheep yards and 1 new set of cattle yards
  • Substantial tracking, new culverts and metalling to improve access
  • Substantial capital fertiliser applications.

Brookwood Station History

Brookwood Station was established in 1895 when Mathias Paulsen purchased 266Ha from Mr William Nelson.  3 years later he leased 538Ha from Mr H H Russell until 1908 when the leased area was purchased for 14/acre.  In 1911 a further 148Ha was added. 

 In 1917 the main homestead was built.  Mathias died in 1921 and management was undertaken by his son Norman until 1951.    Throughout the 1940's and 1950's boundaries were adjusted and land was sold to the crown for settlement of returned servicemen.

In 1998 Brookwood was purchased by Awassi NZ who used it primarily to breed and grow Awassi sheep for live export to the Middle East

In 2005 the King Family purchased Brookwood from Awassi NZ.