• Rangatira Taurus 15-1
    We found this bull at the Rangatira sale in 2017 and just had to have him. A Mt Mable Thor son with a lot of style. His first sons are for sale in our 2020 sale and look outstanding.
  • Braveheart of Stern
    He needs no introduction. Such a reliable bull for us and is pretty common in our pedigrees. Only a couple of straws left now so we'll use them wisely.
  • Musgrave Stunner
    Musgrave Stunner and his sire LD Capitalist are well known bulls out of the US. We chose Stunner to use in our AI program as we felt he would cross very well with some of the genetics we had. We weren't wrong. He has crossed fantastically over Otoka females, producing deep, thickset cattle with lots of style. We used 4 sons as yearlings in our 2019 mating and are keeping one of them.
  • Elgin 957-14
    We rate this bull. He's beautifully quiet, a real grunt machine and carries himself well.
  • Brookwood Xman H201
    Our very first calf born, he is a very thick easy doing grandson of Waiterenui Theo on one side and Highlander on the dam side. He has a massive hind quarter and has bred this into his progeny very well. Xman is still going strong at 8 years old.
  • Kayjay Westmere L31
    Purchased in 2017 as a bull that was very hard to fault. Good bone, length, and muscle conformation. Unfortunately we were only able to use KJ for one season as he was electrocuted when a tree dropped some power lines and although he survived, he was never the same.
  • Stern 169
    Purchased in 2018 at the Stern annual sale, 169 is a Mackenzie of Stern son with a magnificent loin and real thickness through the middle.
  • Turihaua Wiremu N9
    Purchased in 2019 in partnership with Elgin Angus, Wiremu is a William of Stern Son. A well balanced bull that is very hard to fault.
  • Irelands Galaxy G43
    is an outstanding bull who combines superb phenotype and exceptional raw data. At the 2013 Turihaua Bull Sale we purchased 60 semen straws from Irelands Galaxy and his first calves are due to hit the ground in 2014.
  • Ayrvale Bartel E7
    An Australian bull we have used in our AI program for a few years. We believe he provides massive data and produces very nice females,